We envision a world where every worker and survivor finds their place in the global work force as a true asset fulfilling their human birthright and potential.

We believe that while enslavement remains hidden in the shadows, it is easy for governments, corporations and the public to stay in denial, ignore or be unaware of it, despite its global scope.

But slavery has a human face, and every slave is an individual whose life has meaning and value.

Our work is to illuminate the issue through advocacy, understand every stakeholder's challenges, and work collaboratively to give everyone a role in changing our practices for good. 

Our approach has been through Transparency legislation.

Transparency enables us to support socially conscious businesses to do better and thrive.


The Alliance to Stop Slavery and End Trafficking (ASSET) is an advocacy NGO (501(c)3) dedicated to reducing and stopping enslavement and trafficking before it starts. 

We work to identify, create, advance and support solutions that look at this issue as an ecosystem. Our goal is to enable the most effective points of engagement for everyone on the planet to take part in dramatic, lasting change.

Our advocacy amplifies the challenges and solutions for all. We believe in changing the system.


We focus on three main activities:

  • Improving the impact of corporate transparency through innovation and policy

  • Creating a data-driven communications platform

  • Advocating for increased resources for systemic solutions